Thursday, June 25, 2009

Check out my pearly whites!!!

Thursday, Emma and Hannah both had a dentist appointment. Emma is an old pro, as she has been going since she was two weeks old (part of the deal when you are born with a tooth). But, this was Hannah's first trip.

She LOVED the waiting room as Dr. Caple has it all decked out with toys and animals. Emma is such a good big sister and told Hannah all about the prizes that she would get if she let Dr. Caple count her teeth.

When it was time to go back, Hannah was a little leery. But, we showed her the rings, bouncy balls and stickers she would get if she opened up. A few moments of bribery later, she had that mouth wide open for a cleaning.

They both did great and Dr. Caple said "Those are some of the most well taken care of teeth I have seen!" (a product of a mother who is borderline OCD about hers).

While Dr. Caple was checking Emma's teeth (he goes through the ABCs to "count" their teeth). He said "...L,M,N,O, P is loose" Emma looked at Travis and said "Daddy...MY P IS LOOSE!" We all died laughing!

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