Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Fun

This weekend, we were BUSY!

Saturday, we had pictures scheduled for the girls. I wanted to get some quick ones done before Catherine gets here and will follow up with some of all three of them. We met Faith at the Botanical Gardens Saturday morning. (click here to go to her website).

**She is AMAZINGLY talented and patient with kids. If you need pictures, I would highly recommend contacting her.

It was SO hot, but the girls were good and cooperated with Miss Faith. (Occasionally, Emma would try to tell HER where the pictures should be made, but that didn't last long).

Below are some sneak peeks of what we have to look forward to from Faith!

(I will post another post full of these once I get the final copies.)

(I am SO IN LOVE with these girls!!!)After pictures, we headed home. Travis cooked lunch and gave the girls a nap. I ran errands, since we decided to have some friends over for a cookout.

It was SO hot, but the food was good. Meredith, Thad and sweet Reece (who is the most well behaved baby I have EVER seen) came to play. Lauren and Ben stopped by and, of course, the Peschels.

We played with Reece, jumped on the trampoline, caught fire flies and ATE ATE ATE! The kids were drenched with sweat, but after the sun started to go down, it ended up pretty nice! We got out the baggo and played a little. Robert even got on the trampoline to bounce the kids around some!

Eventually, we headed inside for some Wii playing. The kids played while the adults...well...just look below!

Sunday, Travis and I took the girls to watch "Up". It is such a good (kinda sad) movie. Other than 22 bathroom trips with Hannah, we had a ball.

After that, Travis REALLY REALLY wanted to take the girls fishing out on the boat. So, we went home, threw on our bathing suits and headed out.
The fish were NOT biting. Hannah fished some. Poor Travis would cast it out and she would reel it in as fast as she could. By the time, he got his out in the water, she needed her tossed back out!
The girls decided that they were "bored" about 20 minutes into the trip. So, I entertained them, so Travis could get a little fishing in.

On the way home, I asked the girls if they had fun. Both of them said "Yes!". I said "Do you want to go back?" They both just shook their heads no (I think trying not to hurt Daddy's feelings!)

(Maybe Catherine will be his fishing partner????)

We had a super fun weekend. Stay tuned for A RODEO post!

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