Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

While I enjoyed the first batch of snowfall that you sent our way this year and tollerated the second, I think what you are planning for Thursday and Friday is NOT going to work for me and my family.

I have lived through 2 ice storms already. My wound from the ice storm of last year is still fresh.

When I first heard your forecast, I was ok. You were not calling for much ice, just tons of snow. I was not thrilled with my girls missing more school, but hey...I could live with it.

However, the weather blog I read says you are about to dump about 1.5 inches of ice on my head followed by 5 inches of snow. My tree limbs are going to break off and our deep freeze full of food will probably be a total loss, yet again.

Please...I am begging you...disipate this storm, send it further north or south...just please do NOT drop this on us. I cannot handle another moment without power with not just two this year, but three children and my husband trapped in the house.

Love always,

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