Monday, January 4, 2010

A Snowy Day in NWA

Saturday night, we went to bed and had plans to run errands, go to a movie and do some fun family stuff Sunday afternoon.

We got up and  SNOW!

Emma was DYING to go out and play. Hannah wasn't to sure about it, but decided to get bundled up and head out.

Emma had a blast! She made snow angels, had a snowball fight with Daddy and they built a snowman. (Thanks for the snowman kits, Honey!)

**Yes, I know Emma didn't have gloves on in most of the pictures. #1 she refused and #2 we could only find one of hers. Mother of the year over here!

Hannah...well...see for yourself...

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Rachel said...

Hey Boni!! Glad to see yall are doing well!!! Loved all your Christmas posts and the pictures!! I need to talk to you about inviting you to few things, something for you and something for you and your girls =) me, not selling anything ;)!

Girls are adorable as always!!