Saturday, March 27, 2010

8 months and counting

Little Catherine Grace turned 8 months old on the 24th. I cannot believe 8 months has already passed! She is getting so big and sassy.

What is Catherine up to these days?
  • She is still sleeping like a champ
  • She has started refusing her bottle. She is down to only about 3 a day.
  • She loves all baby food and has had a couple of tastes of "real" food. She eats about 4-5 tubs of fruits and veggiest a day.
  • She started juice and LOVES it.
  • She is army crawling EVERYWHERE. She is getting really quick and hard to keep up with.
  • She still loves her excersaucer and her Jenny Jump Up.
  • She can say "Ma-ma" and "Ba-ba" (for bottle).
  • Catherine is EXTREMELY partial to her Mommy. (It hurts Daddy's feelings a little, but I think she will grow out of that)
  • She loves to spit. (I have tried telling her ladies don't spit...but that hasn't stopped her yet)
  • Catherine gets so excited when Emma and Hannah are running wild. She just squeals and tries to go after them.
  • Catherine has also developed a little seperation anxiety from Mommy. If she is put down and Mommy walks out of the room, let the wailing begin!
Here are some pictures from our most recent photoshoot in her glider. While I was taking these pictures, she PULLED UP! I was shocked and so glad I caught it on camera. We sure do love this little firecraker!

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