Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break 2010

This year was the first year "Spring Break" ever meant anything in the family.

(I mean, when Travis and I were in High School and College, it meant parties. But, I mean something to the Williamson FAMILY.)

So, I wanted to make sure the girls had lots of fun. We have already scheduled our vacation to Florida this summer, so I really didn't need to take another FULL week off. (Remember we just got home from the Bahamas a month ago too.)

So, the girls went to visit Travis's Mom and play with their cousin's Tyler and Taylor. Only Emma and Hannah went, and boy did they enjoy playing with the boys. They went to Chucky E. Cheese and Build-A-Bear. They stayed Monday and Tuesday night. I know they had fun, but I was really ready to get them on Wednesday and start our Spring Break fun together.

Thursday, I took all the girls to get haircuts (except Catherine...who really should consider growning some hair). We met up with Lauren at Mojito's for some yummo Mexican.

Thursday night, we played and read books. Emma read to Hannah while I fed and rocked Catherine. Then, I came in and took over. We probably read 12 books before I finally put them in bed.

Friday morning, it was SO nice outside. Emma and Hannah were DYING to get out into the sunshine. I sent them outside to play while I cooked breakfast. They loved jumping on the trampoline in their PJs!

That afternoon, we went to Target, just to wander around and let Hannah tell us what she wants for her birthday. Then, we met Rachel at Hobby Lobby to buy some ribbon. We headed to her house to let the girls play while I got a crash course on hairbow making. (I am obsessed...I am far from a pro, but I am loving this new found hobby!). Emma and Claire LOVED each other. Rachel and I have been blogging "buddies" since we were pregnant with Bree and Catherine. It was so nice to finally meet her!

Saturday, I cleaned house while the girls played babies in their room. They even let Catherine play! (She mostly just chewed on the babies faces)

Afterwards, we headed to the movies and watch "The Diary of a Wimp Kid". It was cute. Even Catherine made it through the movie mostly awake!

Sunday was a do-the-laundry-and-get-ready-for-school/work day. It was low key, but we all enjoyed the weather!

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