Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dancing and Dress Up

Friday night at Emma's school, it was the "Father-Daughter Hoe-Down". Travis and Emma dressed in their cowboy attire, went to dinner and went dancing! Travis sent me several texts and they had a blast. He taught Emma to two-step. She taught him the Cha-cha slide.

While they were gone, Hannah, Catherine and I played. Catherine was tired from school and passed out on us about 7. So, Hannah and I got out the dress up trunk and played dress up! She dressed up like "Mommy" and I was the "kid". She "cooked" for me and put me to bed. It was so fun!

(I may or may not have talked her into playing with my hair and massaging my back...)

(Excuse the photo quality. These were taken with my phone.)

(Notice she is carrying about 4 purses)

(This is what she called her "Mommy Pajamas")

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