Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Beach Adventure (Part 3)

Wednesday morning, we were a little slower to get up and out the beach, (at least the adults were!). To keep the girls occupied, my dad taught them to slide plastic cups down the banister in an attempt to make them into Catherine's diaper bag.

They had fun, but it got a little too easy. That's when Uncle Jon jumped into the game. He sat on the couch and tried to slap the cups away before they made it into the bag. The girls thought it was HILARIOUS!

Finally, we made it down to the beach. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. We enjoyed more fun beach time. The waves were not as big, but still big enough for Emma. Hannah continued making her "salad soup" and Catherine enjoyed being held and eating. She even managed to get her hands on an UNOPENED adult beverage. It kept her occupied for about an hour trying to get a drink! It was a great beach day!

That night we ate and decided we would head into Destin for some fun. We got about a mile from the house and the fun began:

Hannah: "Mommy, I have something in my nose."
Me: "Do you have a booger? Here is a tissue."
Hannah: "'s not a booger..."
Travis: "Hannah Brooke! Did you stick that up your nose?"
Hannah: "Yes, Daddy and I just can't reach it to get it out!"

Hannah found a rhinestone (we still don't know where it came from) and apparently decided she would stick it up her nose for safe keeping. So, we turned around and headed back to the house. I have no pictures, but we had her on the kitchen table trying to get it out with a pair of tweezers. Then, Hannah sniffed. The rhinestone was gone!

After some mild freaking out about what we should do, we decided that it probably went down her throat to her tummy. She said her nose didn't hurt anymore and she could breathe, so we just got back in the car and headed to Destin.

The main reason for going to Destin was for one thing: HERMIT CRABS! I guess a long time ago, I mentioned to Emma that I got a hermit crab from the beach when I was a little girl. Well, I am so glad my two eldest have memories like elephants, because that is all they talked about the whole way to Florida and every night we were there.

We got their crabs, Spongebob and Sandy. Emma loves hers and takes it out of the cage ALL.THE.TIME. (I know it's going to get lost in this house!) Hannah loves hers, but refuses to touch it. Catherine crawled over to Emma's and picked it up to check it out. Poor girl got her little finger pinched and now cries every time she catches a glimpse of them!

It was an exciting night! We came back and put the girls to bed. Travis, Jon, Nicole and I tried to go crabbing, but as soon as we got on the beach, it started raining. Boo!

The next day was another beautiful day on the beach. All was well until we saw it. A big black tar ball washed up on the beach. It was so sad! There were very few and it was our last day, but it just breaks my heart to see first hand what is happening to the area that holds so many childhood memories for both me and the girls.

That night, we just hung out and finally ate the watermelon that Travis had to buy on the way down there. It was the BEST watermelon EVER!

After the girls were in bed, we attempted crabbing one last night. I forgot my camera, but OMG! We had so much fun. Nicole and I were laughing so hard. Jon and Travis didn't bring their nets, so they would corner a crab and just look at each other as if to say "Who is grabbing this thing?". Travis caught one in his shirt and they were so excited. Once the excitement died down, Travis said, "Now what?" HA! The chase was much more fun than the catch. We had a blast and stayed up WAY too late.

That was our last night. We were all so sad to leave. Hannah cried and Emma wouldn't really talk part of the way home. They had so much fun. We all did. We are counting down the days until our trip next summer!


The Evans Family said...

THe beach sounds like lots of fun! I didn't get a beach vacation this year and am really missing it! Oh BTW, I'm here from Jenna's Journey...

The Speight Family said...

Came over from Jenna's Journey!

You blog is so cute! Love the colors and the header! Jen Gets Fancy also did my blog design.

CreationsForEleanor said...

What a beautiful family, your girls are adorable! I have only one and she is so much fun, what a blessing they must be!