Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Little Lady's Birthday

Catherine turned 1 on Saturday. I am just posting this because I wanted to wait until we had her appointment with Dr. L and had all the stats. First, a little comparison from pics her first week at home and now

Saturday, we woke up and started her special day with breakfast at our FAVORITE place, Susan's! It is so yummy and Catherine chowed down on her cinnamon roll and some of my sausage.

Afterwards, she came home, played, open gifts from us and got ready for the party! Around 2, GrandDa, DaddyBen, Honey and Daddy Brooks all arrived. Catherine was still down for a nap. So, when she got up she was SURPRISED to have so much company.

She was a little shy at first, but showed out some on her new ride-on from Honey and Daddy Brooks.

Around 5ish, the rest of the party arrived, The Peschels, The Browns and Grammy and Grampy. We had a hot dog/brats bar with calico beans and party potatoes. I forgot to take a picture of the yummy food before everyone dove it.

We ate and played outside. Once everyone finished, it was time...the moment Catherine has been waiting for since she was born...her first bite of cake! (I'll let the pictures do the talking)

Catherine got a redneck bath and went back to "playing" with Bree. We put the sprinkler on the trampoline for the big kids and they had a BALL. Bree and Catherine played in the baby pool, until their diapers were about to explode.

The kids jumped on the trampoline, squirted each other (and the adults) with water, caught lightening bugs, played baseball, ate Popsicles and had a great time. We sat outside watching them and chatting away. Needless to say, the party last long after Catherine went to bed.

She had a great time at her party! I can't believe it's already been a year.

Today, we went to see Dr. L. She had to get FOUR shots. It was pitiful, but she finished crying about 20 seconds after I scooped her up off the table.

Catherine weighs 19.5 lbs (still 25th percentile) and is 29.5 in long (75th percentile). Dr. L checked her ears, eyes, throat, legs, soft-spot, tummy and heart. Once he finished, he looked at me and said, "She seems to be perfect. I can't find a thing wrong with her and I've looked!" HA!

Catherine's development:
  • drinks solely from a sippy cup (I threw the bottles away on Saturday night!)
  • eats only table food
  • walks 5+ steps without assistance
  • walks as far as she wants to holding some one's hand
  • says ma-ma, da-da, ba-ba, bye-bye
  • takes a sassy some, but still sucks her thumb
  • IS A BITER! (we are working on that)
Catherine loves...
  • her baby doll
  • playing peek-a-boo
  • having pillow fights
  • someone jumping out and scaring her
  • to dance...mainly to "Party in the USA"
  • to sing
  • bologna
  • cheese puffs
  • green beans
  • her sisters
  • tearing paper
  • "reading" books
  • rocking
  • being held
  • brushing her teeth
  • climbing
  • oatmeal cookies
  • being the center of attention
  • hanging upside down
  • sneaking in Emma and Hannah's room and pulling everything out of the shelves as fast as she can
  • bath time
Catherine hates...
  • being put down
  • strangers
  • being told no
  • sitting down in the bathtub
  • wearing shoes
  • watermelon
  • when I walk out of a room without her
  • skipping naps
  • getting her ears cleaned out
  • crawling in the grass
  • a quiet room when she sleeps (probably due to having noisy sisters!)
  • wearing hairbows (this makes me so sad!)
Catherine Grace,

A whole year has flown by so quickly. You have grown and changed so much from the tiny baby you were into the little person (with a huge personality) you are today. You are so wild and into everything. You love to explore and I love to watch you figure things out. I cannot believe the temper you have, but with that temper comes sheer determination like I have NEVER seen on a child your age. I know with that determination, you have big things ahead for you. You are so loving and playful. You adore your sisters and want to be everywhere they are. I think that you believe you are as big as them and can do anything they can do.

Your smiles brighten our days. We could never imagine our family being complete without you, sweet girl. Your spunk and craziness keep us laughing with (or at) you all the time. We love you SO much.

Love, Mommy & Daddy


The Anglin Family said...

Stopping by via the blog hop. Your girls are super cute!! Happy bday to your sweet baby!

Kris said...

Enjoyed looking at your blog :)
Your girls are beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Here from Jenna's! Your little girl is so cute and I LOVE her cake and cupcakes!

Amanda said...

Over from the blog hop. It looks like your little girl had a fabulous birthday! You have a beautiful family!

Jenna said...

She is adorable! I love her cake and cupcakes, SO cute!

Janelle said...

Those are the cutest cupcakes and cake! My son just turned one too and looking back at all his newborn photos made me want to cry!