Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Birthday, Date Night and Another Birthday

Last Thursday, we got together at Pinnacle Country Club to celebrate Tara's first 29th Birthday. The decor theme was "Finding the Perfect Dress". As usual, it was gorgeous. I was so excited to get to spend yet another birthday with Tara! Welcome to the 29-club!

Friday night, Travis and I went on a double date to the Flying Fish with the Browns. As usual, we had  blast with them. After dinner, we decided to head to Copelands for some yummy desert and more fun. Then, it was home to bed. (We are SO old!)

Saturday night, we took the girls to Bree's Rapunzel Party. It was adorable. Rachel held it at Shane's office which has a gorgeous balcony overlooking the square. The little girls dressed like the princesses we all know they are.They danced, got their faces painted and did all the things that royalty does. Happy Birthday, Bree!

We had a great weekend...and can't wait for the next one!

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