Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hannah's Kindergarten Program

Monday night, Hannah had her Kindergarten Program. It was so cute. The music teacher at her school is just wonderful. Their play was called "My First Year". It was a little musical all about the excitement of Kindergarten. (Side note: Every time I see one of my kids perform on stage, I get teary eyed...RIDICULOUS!)

Hannah has a best friend at school named Reese. These two are BOTH the middle daughters. Reese has an older sister a grade below Emma and a younger sister the same age as Catherine, (her name is Anna Grace). After the play, Travis and I spent some time chatting with Reese's parents. It was nice to get to know them because I have a feeling Hannah and Reese are going to be big buddies for a long time!

And...just for is a picture of my loony toon at dinner after her play...

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