Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Where have we been?

Whoops. Time has flown by and I haven't posted. Sorry! :) We are still here. We have really enjoyed some low key weekends at home.

Last week, I was out of town for work. BOO! But, Travis does a great job getting the girls to school, helping with homework and getting them to dance. He did send me a picture Thursday morning before their Valentine's parties. They looked so cute in their shirts...but no hair bows...OH MY! ;)

Friday, Emma and Hannah were out of school. So, I "worked from home" with them, but Catherine went to school When they are out, I try to spend some big girl time with them to make those days fun.

So, we went to one of our favorite boutiques on the square, Savoir Faire. (If you haven't been there, go! If you don't live there, click on the link above and shop online! You can thank me later.) When we go to the square, the girls love to take their picture with one of the painted pigs. They chose the flower pig this time. While we were at Savoir Faire, sweet Tess, the owner, gave the girls these "love" necklaces. I don't think they have taken them off since!

After shopping, we went for manicures. Then, we headed to Mojito's for lunch. While we were sitting there chatting, the girls ended up both taking a bite out of a lemon. I caught the reactions on camera. (They are going to hate me for this one day).

We picked up Catherine early from school and went to get ice cream. Then, we went home and played.

Saturday, Travis had to work and it was pretty dreary outside. So, we cleaned house and headed to the movies. Our favorite thing is to go to the noon showing and have popcorn for lunch. So, that's what we did!

Sunday, we went to church. After church, it came to light that Emma had not done one iota of her homework for the week. (they get it on Monday and it's due the following Monday). So, she spent her sunny Sunday afternoon in her room doing homework. (Yes...we are mean. But, yes...she learned her lesson!). Travis, Hannah, Catherine, Gus and I spent the afternoon outside playing basketball, softball and jumping on the trampoline.

We had a good weekend and it was great to rest up from being gone all week!

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