Thursday, June 6, 2013

Catherine the Clown

I've been MIA this week because it is one of our favorite times of year...DANCE RECITAL WEEK! This equates to me running the girls to and from the Performing Arts Center, trying to shove dinner in them so the don't "die of starvation" and work, (you know...that thing the girls forget I have to do so they can enjoy said dance lessons and recital). So, there has been no time for blogging.

But, I need to take a couple of minutes (during the longest most boring conference call ever a break) and post some funnies from my little clown, Catherine.

Almost every Friday night, we have movie night at home. Sometimes, the girls watch a movie in a bedroom while Travis and I watch an adult movie. But, mostly, we all watch one of the girls movies in the living room. A few weeks ago, Catherine was picking the movie. She came back from the movie closet and exclaimed, "OH I JUST LOVE THIS MOVIE...tonight, I choose 'Cutie and the Beast'." (Beauty and the Beast).

Instead of saying "use", Catherine calls it "lose". We have some colored foam (known as "phone" to C) in their bathroom for bath time. The conversation with Travis and Catherine went like this:

C: Daddy, can we lose the phone?
T: What?
C: huffs I want to LOSE THE PHONE. (spoken like she is talking to a small child)
T: Yes, you can USE the FOAM. It's USE, Catherine, not LOSE. And, it's FOAM not PHONE.
C: running out of the bathroom laughing hysterically with Travis hot on her heels. Daddy can't say it right! He said USE! It's not's LOSE!
T: Catherine, no it's not. It's USE.
T: Boni, tell her.
B: shrugs.

Catherine was opening a juice box the other day and it had some condensation on it. The water got on her a little bit and she looked at me and said "MOMMY! My juice box just 'slooded' all over me" (exploded).

Every day when I pick the girls up from school, we take turns talking about our days. It was Catherine's turn to tell something "exciting" that happened in her day. She said, "I have a new kid in my class. I can't remember his name. But, that's exciting. It's exciting to have new friends. But, I can't remember his name. Did you see that boy with the 'rolled' hair?" (curly)

And I will leave you with this last funny. We were leaving a softball game and Travis was walking a little ahead of us. Catherine yelled at Travis, "HEY! SLOW DOWN, CLOWN!"

Yes. We have our hands full with this one.

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