Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Lake Time

Well, Hello...long time no blog! :)

Last weekend, we headed to the Hot Springs. It is the only weekend that we have been able to get down there for some lake and pool time this summer. Lots changes around the Williamson household...details coming soon!

Friday night, we did our regular dinner at KJs and staying up a little too late laughing with my parents while the girls got in some night swimming. (what is it with kids and wanting to swim at night?).

Saturday was lake day. Eric and Camryn came for the day. A few weeks ago, I taught Hannah how to swim at Sue's house. She was so proud of herself and couldn't wait to show off her skills.

Several months ago, we deemed it the "Summer of Hannah" because she needed to FINALLY learn to swim and it was time to teach her to water ski. She's been excited and nervous about it for a while now. Emma hasn't skied since last summer. So, we decided to take the boat out and get those girls on some skis!

Emma struggled a little at first, but just like riding a bike, it all came back to her after a few tries. She did awesome and really loves it this summer. My dad drug her all over the cove until she decided she was done.

Then it was Hannah's turn. She was nervous and kept saying "I'm only doing this once." Hannah got Travis's athletic ability and I was shocked at how well she did the first time. She made it about 75 yards the first time up! She fell and told me "I am done." I told her, "Let's try one more time", which turned into four more times. Eventually, she got it and made it a fairly long ride. I am not sure how much she loves it right now, but a few more times this summer and I think it will grow on her.

Catherine couldn't be left out and made Camryn ride the tube with her. My dad and Travis tricked Eric into jumping (actually, he got a little shove from my dad) in at near the dam. The water is 50 degrees cold. It was a good laugh for everyone.


After that, we went back and hung out by the pool. Catherine LOVES to jump in and loves when Daddy Brooks throws her. He taught her how to ball up and flip when he throws her. This set of pictures is hilarious!

Sunday, we got up and the girls swam while we packed. It was a nice relaxing weekend and I so hope we can get back there soon, especially to see my grandparents! (Sorry, GrandDa and Daddy Ben...I promise we will be back soon! Love ya'll!)

Right now, my two big girls are in Destin with my parents. My dad had to go down for a work trip and they decided to take the girls as a treat for making great grades this year. We all miss them, but Catherine is especially missing "the sisters". Looks like the are having fun though!

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