Thursday, July 11, 2013

Softball 2013

Wow! Between moving and soaking up every little bit of summer we can, I have COMPLETELY neglected the blog.

During the month of May, Emma and Hannah played softball. I will say, I was not super pumped about it. I know NOTHING about softball. Emma played last year, but I missed it all. So, to say I was a little out of my element would be an understatement.

Travis and the girls practiced in the backyard and I just watched, not knowing how I could help them. Finally the games rolled around and I found myself LOVING it! Don't get me wrong, I love watching my girls do things that they like to do. But, I wasn't sure what my "role" was in the whole softball thing. I quickly realized that I could organize snacks for after the game and put ribbons in the girls' hair like no body's business...and my niche was found! :)

Both girls had the same coach and did so well with the girls this year. Emma's team was AWESOME! They won all games but one.

(Insert my rant about the fact that they do not keep score in their softball league. I are they supposed to learn to be good losers and gracious winners if everyone wins??? ANNOYING! So, yes, I kept score.)

It was so much fun watching them play. Emma is a great fielder and improved SO much this year. After their last game, they had a fun little party at the pavilion and celebrated their successes.

Hannah's team was still tee-ball. It was interesting/funny, to say the least. Hannah learned very quickly that if she caught the ball in the field, not to chance throwing it (because NONE of them can catch or throw) and just run to the base and tag it. :) Smart girl!

She loved her little teammates and played with a little girl from her dance class and her bestie, Reese! They played their last game in the rain and had a party to celebrate a fun season afterwards, complete with blue cupcakes, as evident from the pictures!

Catherine felt a little left out, so she is asking to play "Soccerballey" in the fall. This could be interesting...

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