Monday, August 19, 2013

Flying By

Today was a big day for us. It was time to head back to school! Emma to 4th grade. Hannah to 1st.

This day each year is so hard for me. I am not sure why it takes walking them into their school for me to realize they are another year old.

I am not sure why I tear up every year as I am slapped in the face with the reality that they are growing up before my eyes.

Maybe it's the fact that time is just going by too quickly.

Maybe it's the fact that as they become more and more independent, I realize my role as their mother is changing.

Maybe...just maybe...I want to keep them this age forever!

Then again...maybe I'm just as crazy as they are! :)


Kelly said...

Cute pictures

Would you please email me at

Have a great one

The Stearns Family said...

Your girls are growing up! They are so beautiful! Can't believe it.