Thursday, August 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: Money Sucker

This past weekend, we had a nice weekend at home. Travis didn't work. I was caught up on laundry. All was right with the world!

So, Saturday, we decided to have a family fun day. We got up and went to breakfast at our most favorite breakfast place EVER, Susan's. Then, we headed out to run some errands. Travis needed a haircut, so the girls and I waited in the car because "it will only take about 10 minutes"...30 minutes later.

Then, we went by some hunting store. Travis asked who wanted to go in. Hannah and I immediately said, "No way!". So, we sat in the car, listened to music and made funny faces. (This child may look just like her Daddy, but her personality is straight from me!).

Finally, we made it to the promenade to grab a few things for back to school and a movie. After the movie, we decided we wanted to skip naps and go to the Tontitown Grape Festival.

We rode scary fair rides. Catherine got mad because "I AM SO BIGGER TO RIDE THAT RIDE...I AM FOUR!" (Unfortunately for her, the carney man working the ride didn't buy her argument). The girls forced me on to a "spinning ride" not once, but twice. We had grape ice cream. We spent too much money at the fair, (hence the title of the post).  But, most of all, we had a really good time together.


Sunday, we went to church and had our usual lazy Sunday. All I have from Sunday is this picture of Catherine and her homemade 'stache! This kid kills me!

Also, a shout out to Daddy Ben...he had a birthday this week. We love this man! Happy Birthday, Youngin'!

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Ashley said...

How is the grape ice cream? Since we have moved to NWA, we have missed the grape festival every year. I am DETERMINED to go next year!!