Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sea Grove Beach 2013

Last week, we spent the week at our favorite summer spot. The drive is about 14 hours, but as the girls get older, it gets easier and easier. We drove half way Friday after work. About two hours into the trip, Catherine started asking, "How much further? How many more minutes?". So, to keep her quiet, I handed her a snack...a massive bag of skittles. (Mother of year!)

Saturday, we finally made it to the beach. We spent every day playing in the water and sand. One day, it rained, so we went into Destin to did everyone else in the area! WOWZA! Every other day it was so nice out.

We spent the evenings eating at our favorite restaurants, hunting crabs and hanging out. Of course, we took some typical family beach pictures. I LOVE THE BEACH!

The biggest thing that happened while we were there is: Catherine turned FOUR! (tear!) I cannot believe that this girl is four years old. We had her favorite things for dinner; hot dogs, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, and calico beans. She had a big princess cake and opened all her gifts.

(Before I show birthday pictures, I have to show the list I have from my phone of the things she asked for for her birthday.)

Yes, she got everything on the list plus some. I would say she was a happy happy girl!

I cannot believe you are four years old. You are growing up much too quickly. While we all still think of you as "the baby" (and always will), you are such a big girl. My favorite thing about you is your hilarious personality. You love to laugh and make people laugh. You really picked up on an "acting like a pirate" from somewhere and love to do it ALL.THE.TIME; especially when I am trying to take a pretty picture of you. You still suck your thumb and love your "tag" (blanket), but...we are working on that. I am not pushing it too hard because checking on you at night and seeing you suck your thumb is the last little bit of baby that we have in our house. I am not rushing that away. We love you so much Catherine! Don't ever lose your sense of humor! XOXO

We had such a great vacation. I hate when it's time to go home! But, we will be back in a year! And, in case you were wondering how many times we had to take the "jumping" picture of the girls and have them all actually in the are the out-takes...

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