Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: DATE NIGHT!

We had such a great weekend this weekend. We were busy and lazy all at the same time and I loved it!

Friday night, we went to Nicole and Aaron's for their Annual Fall Party/Gender Reveal Party. Nicole is pregnant and I was so excited to find out what she was having! While we were waiting, Aaron took the kids on horse rides and the adults enjoyed time catching up, as we have all been so very busy lately.



Finally, it was time for the reveal. Nicole and Aaron carved a pumpkin with the gender and lit it at dark...IT'S A BOY! They are so excited and I cannot wait to see Nicole as a boy momma! Such a fun time with my friends...Tara having a girl soon and Nicole a boy!

Saturday, we were SO lazy, or some of us were. Travis and Emma got up and went hunting that morning. They had some much needed time together and Travis gave Emma the biggest ice cream cone ever on the way home.

Hannah, Catherine and I hung out at the house and played. I enjoyed my time with them. We all watched the football game, napped and enjoyed a Saturday with no commitments. (I didn't get out of my PJs until 4:30).

Saturday night, we got a sitter and Travis and I had a date night! WHAT!? Yep...we did. It was so wonderful. We spent some time together and with our friends, Rachel and Shane. Don't get me wrong, we were home before 10 and I love my girls so very much, but sometimes, time with just Travis and I is so refreshing! I just love this guy! (And...my goodness he is so handsome!)

Sunday, we went to church. We actually got there early and I asked the girls if I could snap their picture...I got this...

It was a much needed relaxing weekend and we enjoyed our time together so much. It was just what I needed before heading out of town for work this week.


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