Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumkin' Patchin'

Recently, we took the girls for the annual pumpkin patch trip. On our way, Catherine kept asking if we were going "Pumpkin Patchin'", thus the title of this post. :)

The weather was so gorgeous and we enjoyed our time together so much. The girls shot the corn cannon, fed some goats and rode the cow train.


Then, we went through the corn maze. Just like every year, the girls are super pumped at the beginning, the one or the other of them starts doubting we will ever find our way out. Travis and I, (being the good parents that we are), feed right into them and let them know that we will probably be cold if it gets dark, but at least we will have corn to eat while we are stuck there. :)

After our fun in the maze, we picked our pumpkin and headed to Cabella's for a little more craziness! I absolutely love fall with my sweet family. We had a great time and enjoyed our time together.

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