Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Razorbacks and Babies

So...while we have a pretty good routine going at our house, my little corner of the Internet has fallen to the back burner as of late. Please forgive me as there has been homework to check, people to feed and Homeland episodes to watch. But, I am really REALLY planning to change that starting NOW! :)

This past weekend, we spent Friday night at home. We hung out and watched Despicable Me (for the 100th time). It was a quiet, low key evening. Quite nice, if you ask me!

Saturday, Travis and I went to the Razorback game. It was raining while we tailgated, but stopped during the game. It was fun...but we lost. BOO!

Sunday, I helped host a baby shower to Tara and her sweet baby Olivia Mae. It was beautiful and so fun!

Happy Friday!

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