Friday, November 1, 2013

Band of Misfits

Across the tide of Beaver Lake, a pirate ship was spotted. There were three terribly beautiful pirates aboard the ship, waiting to loot Northwest Arkansas of all it's candy.

These pirates were so fierce that they even brawled with each other!

The oldest pirate and captain of the ship was Hook-Hand Emma. Story has it she lost that hand in a brawl over the last roll of chevron ribbon at Hobby Lobby.

Next in command was Sword-Swingin' Hannah. She is known for captivating her victims with her dimples and surprising them with a QUICK swing of her sword...and off with their hair!

The youngest, but fiercest pirate, on the ship was Catherine the Courageous and her vicious parrot, Perry. Perry and Catherine were known for one thing...stealing the last piece of gum from any purse they could find!

These three pirates came to our house.

They conquered and pillaged all the candy from the neighborhood.

Then, just as quickly as they came, they were in the bunks with nothing but an "ARRRRGH!" as they drifted sleep!


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