Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just Call her Rosie

Friday, I had to go pick Hannah up early. She was running a high fever. I called Dr. Lovell and made an appointment. By the time we left for the doctor, her fever was up to 104. I was VERY worried. However, she had no other symptoms. We got to the doctor and he checked her ears, her throat and her nose....NOTHING! So, we had to have blood work done. Of course, it was late Friday afternoon and the lab wouldn't have anything for us until Monday. We were sent home and told it would be ok and to come back Monday morning. Friday night, Hannah went to bed at 7:15 and didn't wake up until I woke her at 10:15 Saturday morning! Of course, I was worried and checked on her every 10-15 minutes and finally couldn't stand it anymore and woke her up.

She was much better Saturday with her fever only dancing around 101. I was feeling good and thinking we would just cancel the appointment for Monday because she was getting better. Saturday night, at bath time...there it was! A RASH...ALL OVER HER! But, still no fever. Sunday morning, she woke up and the rash was worse, but still...NO FEVER!?! I put her in the bath again trying to comfort her. She was a terror all day long. And...I forgot to mention, Travis was out of town working! Thank goodness my wonderful mother was on her way up here for a training and she rescued me long enough to go to Walmart. Travis got home Sunday night and stayed with her Monday.

We both took her to the doctor Monday morning and Dr. Lovell laughed! HOW DARE HIM LAUGH AT MY RASHY CHILD!?! He said, "It's easier to diagnose on the backside of this than the front...she has Roseola!" Unfortunately for Hannah, there is nothing you do for this, but wait it out. So, Travis and Hannah went home and she slept most of the day. I got home and she was MUCH more pleasant than she had been the past two days. This morning, she woke up rash-free and happy! So, she is at school today and HAPPY! But, I will still call her ROSIE!

Here is a picture of her after the doctor Friday, (notice the big pink bandage from the blood work!). Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the rash, but here are some bath tub pictures. This is the only place she was happy, so we spend a majority of Sunday in the tub!


Molly said...

I'm glad to hear she is feeling better. Carson had the same thing several months ago, but it wasn't fun.

Our Little Family said...

Parker was the same way. It was horrible!! At least Hannah didn't have it as bad. Let's just hope Parker doesn't get it again!! Glad she is doing better.

Anonymous said...

Hannah looks just like travis!..we cant wait to see you guys again!..love you!