Sunday, May 18, 2008

Emma's Birthday Party

Saturday, we had some friends and family over for Emma's birthday party. We had a great time playing with everyone and having cake and ice cream! Before the party, Emma and my dad played baseball for about...5 seconds. Then, she was off to Barbies and Babies again! My grandparents came too and we really enjoyed seeing them. Sarah and Lynlee were able to come and it was great seeing how much Lynlee has grown. We really LOVED getting together with everyone. Thank you all for coming to Emma's party, she really appreciates all the love! Enjoy the pictures!
**I didn't take many, but Meredith did. She is sending the pictures, so I will update this post with some more in the next couple of days.

This is the present the girls got from Meredith for both of their birthdays!

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