Monday, May 12, 2008

Yard Work...YUCK!

The lady that lived in our house before we bought it had a beautiful yard! She had so many flowers and things. She was elderly, so had plenty of time to tend to all of her plants. However, once we moved in, they all died...most of them at least. I have never been able to keep a plant alive, so it was no surprise when everything turned brown.

Last spring, we were so busy welcoming baby Hannah we barely had time to mow, more-the-less, pull weeds and water flowers. So, this spring, Travis and I have been working VERY hard (mostly Travis) getting everything trimmed back and the flower beds ready for flowers. Lots of bushes got cut down, because we need a low maintenance yard! So, below are some pictures of Emma helping us! She did such a great job picking up the sticks and pushing the wheel barrow. It was great having her help. Hannah rode on her "4-wheeler" and pointed every time Travis started cutting something. I guess to warn us he was at it again!

Our yard is really looking great and is almost ready for the birthday party we are hosting next Saturday!

Saturday evening, it stormed, so we spend time playing inside. For those of you who do not know Emma very well, she is VERY prissy (to put it mildy). She always has in a hair bow, is carrying her purse, and LOVES playing in my "click shoes" (heels). Hannah is sort of our rough and tough little girl, but I decided she needed to have a hair bow in her hair just for fun. So, I thought these pictures were cute. Enjoy!

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