Tuesday, August 12, 2008

5 Arms...

This morning was cowgirl/cowboy day at school. They are having a dress up week, the last week before school starts. I digress.

So, Travis and I were getting the girls dressed (of course, I forgot to take a picture). Travis doesn't do hair, especially when it requires a bow, braids or even a cowgirl hat. So, I was brushing Hannah's hair and getting her hair pretty in. Emma was standing there and the conversation went like this:

Emma: "Mommy, I want braids...can you put braids in my hair...Mommy...please...I want braids!"

Mommy: "Emma, I will put your hair in braids after I get Hannah's pulled up. I can't do everything at once."

Emma: "That's why you should grow 5 arms" (pause to think) "Or better, learn to braid with your feet!"

Yes, instead of Emma learning patience, my daughter thinks I should learn to braid with my feet.

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