Monday, August 25, 2008

The Past 4 Days

We have been some what busy these past four days....much too busy for blogging!

Friday night, Emma started a new gymnastics class. She absolutely loves it. Emma is one of three Emma's in her class (I kinda figured that would be the case when we named her). She did exceptionally well for her first class. Emma's favorite thing is the balance beam. She learned to do a front roll on the beam (with a spotter). The only picture I have of her doing that, is the first time and she almost fell off! :) The pictures are a little blurry as we were upstairs in the parents observation room.

Saturday, I cleaned house and we just hung out a home. We played outside that evening. Travis was working late, so we had a dance party in Emma's room. It was super fun! We also played babies and put them ALL to sleep in Hannah's bed.

Sunday, we did more of the same. Parker Stearns came over and played for a little while. The girls enjoyed having someone else to play with besides each other. Sunday night, after bath, Emma wanted curly hair again. While I was putting the sponge rollers in her hair, Hannah decided she wanted in on the action. I got two rollers in that mullet of hers. She wore them up until bed time and decided she wasn't too excited about sleeping in them. It was cute

Tonight, we had Emma's Pre-K Open House and Meet the Teacher. It was good. There are 15 kids in her Pre-K class. Most of them, she had been to daycare with, so she was glad to see some familiar faces. I didn't take any pictures, but the class room is so cute. They do lots of fun activities and go on Field Trips in the spring. Emma is so excited. This weekend, we go to buy her school supplies! I am excited for her and glad she is prepared for this transition, but it does make me a little sad! I know I will be a basket case when she starts Kindergarten...I don't even want to think about it!

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