Monday, August 4, 2008

Wild Weekend

We had a busy and fun weekend this weekend!

Friday night, we were playing outside as usual. On our nightly walk, Emma had her first bicycle wreck. She is like her mother and doesn't pay attention when she is "driving" she fell. She had a small scrape on her knee, but is was bleeding! OH THE HORROR! After a bandaid and lots of hugs and kisses she was fine.

Saturday, Mimi and Pawpaw came to visit. We had great visit with them. The girls played so hard and really enjoyed getting to spend time with them. I didn't have my camera out and have no pictures to show! BOOO! But, we did enjoy seeing them. Thanks for coming! We love you guys!

Sunday afternoon, the girls were getting restless, but since it was sooo hott, we just couldn't venture out into the yard to play. We decided to make a trip to the Aquatic Center to let them burn off some of that energy. They had a great time. While it was semi-crowded, it wasn't too bad. Emma and Hannah both had a blast going down the little water slides. I think Travis had the most fun seeing his girls be fearless!

I have found the spawn of Satan! heard me... it's in my house! For those of you who don't know, when we bought our house it had orange and green shag carpet and wallpaper everywhere! We spend two weeks pulling wallpaper and painting. The guest bathroom was not done because we were in a time crunch. Well, I have been looking at that hideous stuff for long enough and have been working every night to peel it off so I can do a faux finish and paint it. Let me tell you...ITS A PAIN! Please...don't wallpaper your house if you ever plan on moving out of it. Just don't do it for the sake of the people that will move in after you. Chances of them liking your wallpaper is slim and none. So they, like me, will spend hours upon hours of their lives peeling wallpaper to ensure every little sliver is off so it can be painted. What a pain! (enjoy the pics of the LOVELY wallpaper from my guest bathroom!)

Finally for the biggest news of all... HANNAH TEE TEE'D IN THE POTTY!

She has been interested in the potty for a few weeks now, so we bought her a potty, but haven't been trying really hard to get her to use it. Every night before bath and most times we change her diaper, we let her go sit there for a little bit and see if she will go. Last night, before bath she did! We were so excited and so was she! get her to keep it up....

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