Thursday, August 14, 2008

Toga Day in XNA

Really, it's not toga day in ALL of XNA, I just liked the rhyme. But, it is toga day at Coleman's Children Academy.

As you all know, Emma LOVES pink. So, she couldn't just have a plain white toga. Goodness no! She wanted a PINK toga. So, I took myself and all my crafty wonder (sense the sarcasm) to Hobby Lobby yesterday to find some material for this fabulous PINK toga. I did find some super cute pink and white material. Travis helped me "wrap" Emma up this morning and I tied some white tulle and pink ribbon around her waist to hold it in place. Then, we put her hair in a bun and instead of greenery around her bun ("because that doesn't match"), she work some white feathers around her bun. Cassidie and Kelsie made Emma some cute pink and white flip flops and she wore those to round out the outfit. She looked so cute!

**I was proud of myself because when I dropped her off, she had on the CUTEST toga...BY FAR!(Not that I was judging...)

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