Thursday, December 31, 2009

5 Months (On Christmas Eve)

Wowee! I can hardly believe my youngest babe, Catherine, is already 5 months old! (Plus a little...late on these monthly posts again!)

She is such a happy, healthy baby. Other than one ear infection, she has been so healthy. She is growing so much and getting big so quickly!

What is she up to these days?
  • She can roll over both ways. (But, she only does it when she's frustrated!)
  • She weighs 14 lbs.
  • She can sit up by herself for a short period of time!
  • Catherine LOVES her sassy and takes it out of her mouth and puts in back in her self. (Sometimes backwards, but whatevs!)
  • She loves to lay on her quilt and play with her toys, especially when her sisters play with her.
  • She still has one lone snaggle tooth. The second pearl she was born with STILL hasn't made an appearance yet!
  • Catherine will reach for me when her Daddy is holding her and vice versa.
  • She eats 8 ounces every 4 hours and 2 ounces of cereal at breakfast and dinner.
  • She LOVES her new highchair and is much more content not being held at dinner time.
  • When she wakes up in the morning, she doesn't cry, she just growls at us!
  • She sleeps from 7 to 7 most nights without waking.
  • She laughs and laughs when Emma and Hannah run circles around her and she tries to follow them.
  • She has discovered that when she kicks in the tub, it makes big splashes.
  • Her new favorite thing: HER TOES!
  • Catherine LOVES her exersaucer that Santa brought her. She likes anything that lets her sit up straight, play and watch us.
  • She is SO spoiled...mainly by her older sisters!

We are so blessed to have a wonderful baby! Its amazing how quickly time is flying. She is developing her own little personality and it shines through more and more each day!

Catherine, we all love you so much!

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