Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Very Williamson Christmas (Part 2 of 3)

Every year, we spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at our house with just Travis, the girls and I. We have all kinds of traditions that are special to just us!

Christmas Eve, Travis and the girls stayed home. I ran to the office until noon (this is our SUPER busy time). When I got home, the girls and I started baking. We made all kinds of goodies. We made sugar cookies and decoarted them, chocolate and sprinkle covered pretzels, rice krispie treats and yummies! We made a tray to take to my mom and a tray for Travis's mom. Even Catherine "participated".

I also cooked a roast and we ate a yummy dinner. Then, we played and hung out in front of the fire. I love when we keep a fire makes everything SO homey! We spent time talking about the true meaning of  Christmas and looking at my nativity scene and talking about each person.

Finally, we opened some of the gifts that the girls got for each other. Every year before Christmas, I take each one shopping for the others. They love it...and I think sometimes they tell each other what they got! Ha!

After that, we put cookies and milk out for Santa and sprinkled reindeer food in the yard. Finally, it was off to bed!

Christmas morning, Travis and I woke up before the girls (about 6 am!). About 20 minutes after we woke up, Catherine was stirring around in her bed. Travis went and got her. We played with her in our bed. I finally asked Travis why the girls weren't up yet? He laughed and said he told them not to get up before the sun was shining in their windows! I called Emma's name and immediately heard "Can we get up!?". Poor things had been lying awake waiting for the sun!

When they came in our room, Travis told them he didn't hear Santa last night, so they better go check and see if he came. Hannah did NOT want to go out there. Emma ran down the hall and ran back and yelled "HE CAME! HE CAME!".

I finally figured out why Hannah didn't want to go. She thought Santa was still out there! HA! She is NOT a fan of him, and didn't want her presents if he was out in her living room! Once we cleared that up, Emma and Hannah went to look. (Santa wraps his gifts in our house). Hannah came back and said "Welp, I don't see my TV!" Emma looked at her and said " have to unwrap the gifts FIRST!" (These girls crack me up!)

Finally, Travis and I got up so the fun could begin. Needless to say, Santa was very good to them and they got everything they wanted. I was so busy watching all the fun, I didn't take very many pictures. But, we love our traditions and are very thankful to be able to spend such a special time together.

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