Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Very Williamson Christmas (Part 1 of 3)

The weekend before Christmas, we had our Christmas with Travis's mom and his brother-in-law and family.

Travis's mom lives in Farmington, so we went to her house to enjoy some time together. Blake, Candi and the boys came up from Texarkana on Saturday. We went over there. Travis smoked some ribs and two chickens for everyone. I made party potatoes and calico beans (yummo!). Candi made an amazing lemon pie and an onion soufflé. We had a blast!

We made the kids wait until after dinner to open gifts. I thought they were going to lose it.  We got lots of great things, but most of all really enjoyed seeing everyone!

Before we went to her house Saturday, I had Catherine decked out in her A.DOR.ABLE tutu from Bibs and Cribs. I decided it woudl be cute to put her in the presents under the tree and snap some pics. I have attached them all so you can get an idea of how our little photo shoot went! HA!

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