Thursday, April 1, 2010

Something's Missing...

Tuesday night, Emma lost something....HER FIRST TOOTH!

(It's actually her second tooth to lose. She was born with her first one and lost it at 2 weeks old...we don't count that one!)

It was big drama and Emma was VERY upset when it was bleeding and dangling from a thread of gum, which is evident from this picture.

After she noticed her tooth was bleeding, she didn't want to pull it out because she was scared it would hurt.

FINALLY after much begging from me, I convinced her to let me pull it for her. Two wiggles and a tug later, I had her tooth in hand! She even said she didn't feel a thing!

Here are pictures of her on the phone with Honey sharing the big news! And, one of her beautiful snaggle-toothed grin! (it was taken with my phone..poor quality!)

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