Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Few Funnies by Hannah

As most of you know, my middle daughter, Hannah, is quite a handfull. She is wild, crazy, loud and VERY funny! (cough*acts like her mother*cough)

I need to do a better job of recording some of the things she says, but here are a few from the last couple of days.
Emma and Hannah were playing in the kitchen. The conversation went like this:

Emma: I am going to be a vet when I grow up.
Hannah: OH YEAH! I am going to be better than that! I am going to be a Sonic Cooker! HA!
I was in the living room with Catherine. Hannah was back in her room. All of the sudden I heard a LOUD bang from her room.

(boom boom boom....Hannah running into the living room)
Hannah: What, Mommy?
Me: What are you doing?
Hannah: Well, Mommy, I am STANDING HERE talking to YOU!
One morning, Travis had left for work SUPER early. He usually takes Hannah and Catherine to their school and I take Emma.

Emma: Hannah, you have to ride with me and Mommy today
Hannah:: NO I DONT!
Emma: Hannah, yes, you do.
Me: Girls! No fighting. Hannah you do have to ride with me today.
Hannah: NO! MY Daddy is going to take me.
Me: (laughing) No, Han, he is already gone...either you ride with stinky old Mommy or your gonna be walking.
Hannah: Welp...I guess I'm walking then!
When Emma lost her tooth, it was a big deal...TO EVERYONE! Hannah was telling her just to get it out of her mouth, Emma was begging Travis not to tie string around it and jerk, Travis was trying to get his fat fingers in Emma's mouth and I was trying to coral the circus. The only one who was oblivious was Catherine...she was eating mac n' cheese, so she didn't care! After the tooth was pulled, things calmed down.

Emma: IT DIDN'T HURT! The tooth fairy is going to come see me tonight! YAY!
Hannah: (big tears rolling down her cheeks)
Travis: Hannah? What's wrong, baby?
Hannah: alkdjfa;lijdlkjg (talking through the tears in a language only aliens can understand)
Travis: What, Baby?
Hannah: alskdjfa;ljdf
Travis: Boni...what is she saying?
Me: Hannah, baby, what's wrong?
Hannah: a;lskdjflasdjf
Me: She said she doesn't want the tooth fairy to come in her room tonight.
Hannah: I don't want the tooth fairy in my room. Emma doesn't need anything from her. PLEASE, Mommy, don't let her in the house!
Me: Hannah, you will be asleep and won't even know she is there.
Hannah: But...what if she wants MY teeth!?
Now...a picture of my big ol' ball of personality!

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