Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick Catch-Up

I HAVE BEEN SUCH A BAD BLOGGER! We had had tons going on and I haven't posted about ANYTHING!

Unfortunately, with all that busy, I haven't taken any pictures. (I know about 8 of my 10 readers just closed this page out...but for those of you still with me...)

A couple of weeks ago, I had to go to LA for work. We stayed in a great hotel right in the heart of Beverly Hills. However, it was so busy, we never left. BOO! It was a nice break to catch up on some peace and quiet for the first couple of days. After that, I was DYING to come home!

While I was gone, it was just Travis and the girls. He did GREAT taking care of them. Everyone was happy and mostly healthy when I got home. Travis had to take Catherine to the Dr for ear infections, but they managed through just fine. The house was even clean!

The week I got back, I received a job offer from another company. I was so excited and accepted. I will be starting my new job on May 10th. I had to give my notice at my current job, which was VERY hard. I wish I could say everyone was supportive, but that was NOT the case. That pretty much just summed up the fact that this move is the right thing for me and my family! So, thanks for making it easy. :)

Last Thursday night, I was invited to Kitchen Queens. It's just a bunch of girls getting together over good food and wine to chat about life. I only knew one other girl there and was hesitant to go. However, I went and had the best time. Everyone was so nice and I really enjoyed making some new friends. I can't wait until next month!

This past weekend, the girls and I went to Hot Springs to see Honey and Daddy Brooks and to go to Disney on Ice in Little Rock. I was beyond exhausted before we even left, but it ended up being a great time.

Daddy Brooks kept Catherine, while the big girls went shopping. (Travis stayed home for a little work and a lot of fishing!) Between the four of us, I think we left there with 6 new pairs of shoes! Its in our genes to love shoes like that! Disney on Ice was very good and the girls LOVED it. I enjoyed spending some time with them and my mom doing what they wanted to do.

In between all this chaos, Travis and I have been working in the yard and making a few updates on the house. I will have pictures when it's all complete.

WHEW! That's what we have been up to the past two weeks. This weekend will be some QT at home. I will have TONS of pictures. Plus, I need to update from Catherine's 9 month visit. So...hang in there...I will start posting again!


Rachel said...

I didn't close out!! So glad you came to KQ!!!

I LOOOOOOOOVE your new layout!! It is perfect!!! See you soon!!!

Oh - and so excited about your new job!!!

Molly said...

Congrats on the new need to call and catch me up!!