Monday, August 2, 2010

Williamson Girls Play Soccer

Last Wednesday began a new chapter in the Williamson household.

Emma and Hannah started their first extra-ciricular activity: SOCCER!

(yes, Emma used to take gymnastics...that was short lived.)

Hannah had her first ever soccer practice first. She was SO excited to go. We got her in her soccer outfit, (its an outfit if it has a matching bow...and it did!). She was kicking her ball everywhere before we left talking about how she was going "to be the best soccer player in the whole Arkansas!".

Of course, it was a family affair. So we all loaded up and headed to practice. We got there and Hannah asked where Lolo was (her friend Lauren is playing, but they didn't manage to get on the same team.). I told her Lolo was on a different team and they didn't have practice together. Aaaaand...


Hannah cried the first half of practice and basically refused to participate. Finally, Travis (read: the patient parent) managed to get her to quit crying and at least try to do the games they were playing. So, she did. However, she refused to run...she didn't even walk, she SAUNTERED through the drills and kicked her ball up and down the field as if it were a piece of trash merely in her way.

All this time, I am going from mad, to embarrassed, to laughing, to nearly asking "whose child is that?". Finally, practice was over and I apologized profusely to her coach. As I am talking with him and he was telling me his son did the same thing a few years ago, I look over and see Hannah playing with a little girl on her team...KICKING THE BALL AND SMILING! (unfortunately, all the other parents were gone, so no one was there to witness the phenomenon.)

She has practice again tonight and promises she will "run, smile and mind". Here's hoping...

Emma had practice on Thursday night and of course, looked cute in her soccer outfit. She was excited, but admitted she was a little nervous.

We got there and met her coach. He is a little hard-core about soccer, but seems nice. The other girls arrived, some of whom had played soccer before and some hadn't. (Emma falls in the latter category).

They started off with some drills that scared me due to the sheer coordination that is required. Unfortunately, Travis and I thought Emma got my coordination (I can hardly walk and chew gum at the same time). However, we were pleasantly surprised. She managed through the drills quite well. Her one downfall is, if the coach wasn't looking, she wasn't doing. (I laughed a little. Travis did not!). She really enjoyed her practice and I saw improvement throughout the practice.

And so begins, Fall Soccer in the Williamson House. Stay tuned...

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Connie said...

Lauren is sad the girls are not playing on the same team too. Lets just hope when they actually play each other they #1 stay friends afterwards and #2 actually play instead of holding hands and twirling and dancing...however that would be REALLY cute too! :-)