Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have started and erased this post so many times...not sure exactly how to start it or what to say. I want to do Jenny justice with my words describing what is happening in her life. I want so badly to tug at your hearts so fervently that you all pray for her family and her son.

But, words cannot do justice to the things that Jenny, Wes, Aubri and their sweet son are going through right now.

Jen and Wes were so proud to announce on their blog that they found out at 18 weeks they had a new man in their lives. They were soon-to-be parents of a little boy. Aubri was a soon-to-be big sister to Wesley Adam Mills. My hearts soared for them.

However, what should have been an exciting happy time in their lives, suddenly fell sad. During their routine ultrasound, Jen and Wes found out that Wesley has a birth defect. He was diagnosed with Anencephaly. The prognosis for baby Wesley is grim. Their hearts are broken.

My words cannot express the sadness I feel for them. I cannot imagine what they must be feeling. However, I do know they are both clinging tightly to each other and even tighter to the promises and love of God.

Please, go here to read the Mills family blog. She wrote this post that brought me to tears. Her heart is breaking for her son and the short time on earth that they will have with him. However, she is still looking to God, thanking Him and praying.

Keep Jenny and her family in your prayers. They can use all the support they can get.

Jenny, I love you dearly. I apologize that the words are not as eloquent as I would have liked them to be.

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