Monday, August 30, 2010

Williamson Girls Play Soccer - First Game

Saturday was a BIG day in our house! Both Emma and Hannah had their first soccer games of the season. They had LOTS of support cheering them on. Travis, Catherine, Honey, Daddy Brooks, Grammy and I all came to the games.

Hannah was up first...

She was so excited to get a chance to play, but they only play 3 on 3. So, the coach did the line up as fair as it can get. Jersey #s 1-3 first, followed by 4-6, etc. :) Hannah was in the second group. She waited patiently with her teammates.

Finally, it was her turn! She was so excited as she pranced out on to the field. We were laughing to hard. She is so cute out there running after the ball. She kind of lags back, but finally got a chance to kick it! When she did, she looked over at us with a big grin and clapped for herself. We were all so proud of Hannah.

(She even stopped the game because she had a "finger-mail"...a hang nail. I had to go out onto the field and take care of it. All was fine after that!)

Her coach is seriously a saint. Can you imagine coaching a team of 9 three-year olds, three of which were crying at one point during the game? neither.

Next up, Emma's game.

It was MUCH more serious than Hannah's game. She started and was pretty pumped about it. She played defense and did a great job keeping the ball out of the box. the goalie only had to keep one ball out of the goal.

The next period, Emma played goalie. I was a nervous wreck! This period, our girls were tired, so the other team spent TONS of time on our end of the field. Emma blocked EVERY.SINGLE.BALL that came in her box. One was just inches from the line, but my girl stopped it! We were so proud of her!

During the final period, Emma played on offense. She did pretty good on offense too. Unfortunately, she has her mother's speed, so she got out run to the ball a few times. But, a little girl on her team scored and they won 1-0!

Emma also got her mother's competitive nature. After the game, she kept saying "We won! We beat them!". Luckily, I am married to a wonderful man who took the time to explain to Emma about being a gracious winner.

We all had so much fun. This is the first real competition that either of the big girls have competed in. I cannot describe how happy and proud I was of my girls. Both of them were good sports, hustled and keep a smile on their faces the whole time! WAY TO GO, EMMA AND HANNAH!

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