Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First of First

Last Thursday, Emma started 1st grade. Every year when school starts, I get anxious. It's almost like I am nervous about school starting. Why would I be nervous? It's Emma going into a new class with a new teacher and new expectations. I have no reason to be nervous.

Last year, when she started kindergarten, I wrote this post. It was so true. Every time I read it, it brings tears to my eyes. So, this year, the night before school, I read it.

As I was reading it, I realized. It's not the nerves of her going to a new class. It's the nerves of a Mommy who sees her oldest daughter going from a little girl to a young lady. The start of the school year is a reminder of who she was, is and is so quickly becoming.

Days are passing like hours; weeks like days; years are passing like months. I feel like no matter how hard I try to cling to every moment I have with the girls, they are so fleeting and life is moving so quickly that its like watching a movie in fast forward. No matter how hard I try to watch all the scenes flying by, I cannot catch them and remember them all.

So, when Catherine is screaming to be held, Hannah is getting out of bed asking for the 15th cup of water and Emma is arguing with me about putting on make-up just to play in, I try to remember this. I try to remember that before long, no one is going to want me to hold them. No one is going to get up 15 times just so I can come tuck her in ONE.LAST.TIME. And the "make-up just to play in", will become make-up, a normal part of our lives.

So, with that said, here are some pics from the first day of school. Since Emma got to carry a back pack, Hannah was DYING to. So, I cleaned up Emma's old one for Hannah and slapped it on her back. She loved it. (that was short lived though...she hasn't wanted to take it since!). And, while I still teared up, I wasn't as emotional as I was last year! (I still blame that on the hormones from having a brand new baby!)

Emma is in a class with one of her best friends. Her teacher is so wonderful and has all kinds of cool reward systems in her class. Emma is having a ball already. Once again, it's going to be a good school year!


Rachel said...

Thanks for making me tear up BONI!!!!! That backpack is fab!!!!!

Connie said...

Yes thanks for making me tear up! Geez! This is all so true though!!! Our kiddos are going to be gone before we know it so we must remember each little moment!