Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St. Patrick's Day and Soccer

(Not sure why all the pictures in this post are sideways. They look right on my PC.)

It's been a while...and we have been so SO busy. (I looked at my calendar today and realized it's just the beginning of busy for us over the next month.)

Last week, I was in Minneapolis for meetings on Monday-Wednesday. At some point while I was there, I started getting sick, (maybe it was the gusting winds, or the snow on the ground, or the fact I didn't pack a coat...duh!). By the time I got home Wednesday, I knew I was not going to feel better without the doctor.

Thursday morning, Travis was getting the kids ready for school in the cute shirts, bless his heart. I got up to snap a few pictures and fix their hair.

(C was not happy and I was feeling too bad to even attempt to get her to cooperate....)

That afternoon, I went to the doctor and got some meds for my strep throat. Travis was super dad and did a great job taking care of the girls while I was out of town and on my death bed sick.

I am on the mend now and feeling SO much better. The girls are glad I am back to my old self, because in the words of Travis "When Mommy is sick, our world falls apart" or in the words of Hannah "Daddy doesn't know how to make a ponytail!".

Last night, Hannah had soccer practice. Both girls started spring soccer recently, so games will be starting soon! Hannah is HILARIOUS at soccer. She just smiles and waves at me to make sure I am looking.

She also has THE BEST coach ever. He is so patient and kind. (I mean...I would lose my mind trying to get nine 3-4 year olds to pay attention and cooperate.) Last night, they played Red Light/Green Light while kicking the ball. Instead of saying "Red Light!", he would say a body part (i.e. head, elbow, bottom, etc) and they had to put that body part on the ball. The kids loved it and it was really funny to watch.

That's pretty much what we have been up to for the past week or so. Keep checking back because we have some SUPER fun things coming up!

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