Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last week, my grandparents celebrated their SIXTIETH wedding anniversary. I am not kidding you...SIXTY. 60. SIX-ZERO!

It's amazing. They have been married for so long. I am sure they can tell stories of ups and downs, happy times and big arguments that have gone on over their sixty years of marriage. But, they forged ahead. GrandDa and Daddy Ben went through something that no parents should even have to endure. However, they were able to grow stronger in their faith, in turn growing in their marriage. What a huge event, especially these days, to celebrate such a long lasting marriage. Congratulations, GrandDa and Daddy Ben!

Travis and I also celebrated 7 years of marriage on the 27th. While 7 isn't quite 60, I am so proud of what we have accomplished in our marriage and our lives in the short 7 years we have been married.

To celebrate, we went to Hot Springs and headed to the races with some friends. We had a great time hanging out and having fun. My parents (who will celebrate 30 years of marriage in June) were great hosts. We enjoyed our company and getting away for a couple of days together.

I know you say seven years is a long time, but it's flown by. You are my best friend and I love you more today than ever. We have had our share of obstacles, but together, we have been able to overcome them all. You are a wonderful father and an amazing husband. I love you, Travie, and cannot wait to see what the next 7 hold!

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Connie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!