Monday, March 7, 2011

Stories of Weekends Past

Well, I guess I shouldn't make promises that I cannot keep! :) Below are some updates from a couple of weekends ago. But first...

Sarah is home and recovering well! Her surgery was a HUGE success and she is such a trooper. The girl was cracking jokes just hours after surgery and was roaming the halls of MD Anderson the following day. Here is a picture I stole from her facebook page of her with Pat on their way home. Seriously, doesn't she look gorgeous and she just had brain surgery!? (JEALOUS!)

So, a few Friday nights ago, Travis and Emma went to the Daddy-Daughter Dance at her school. They do this every year and Emma LOVES it.

This year, it was a Hawaiian Luau. Emma has a grass skirt that Honey and Daddy Brooks brought her from Hawaii. It was so cute. Travis, on the other hand, wasn't feeling the whole grass skirt thing. So, he just wore a lei and called it good.

I was snapping pictures before they left and the other two INSISTED I take their picture with Emma. (I mean...Catherine sat in her lap and refused to get up. She just kept yelling "CHEEEEESSSEEE!")

Saturday night, we went over to Aaron and Nicole's to cookout and ride horses. Let me just say, the kids LOVED it! Aaron was so patient with the kids and let them ride until dark. Nicole was a great hostess and the food was awesome. We had such a nice time hanging out with everyone.

Sunday, we headed up to see Meredith. She welcomed little Hayden into their family on Saturday the 26th. He is SO precious and has as much hair as Catherine! Meredith looks awesome and Reece is loving his new brother.

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