Monday, May 16, 2011

Lucky #7

Sunday, Emma turned SEVEN! ( can my first baby be 7?)The birthday festivities started on Saturday. Emma, Claire, Rachel, Tara and I went to Tulsa for a big girls shopping trip and lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

Emma's big surprise...Travis FINALLY gave in and gave his seal of approval for her to get her ears pierced.

(She has been working on him for about a year now. I was ok with it, but told her that I was NOT going to do something that Travis did not approve of. So...she was relentless in her reasoning and finally, he agreed she was old enough to get them pierced.)

As we were shopping our way to Icing ("the ear place" as Emma referred to it), she kept asking to hurry so she could just get it over with. At one point, she told me "I am getting a nervous tummy the closer we get." Finally, we made it there. She got in the chair and as they were sterilizing everything, she started crying. I asked her if she wanted to get them done and she said yes.

She calmed herself down. Then, she saw them...the "staplers" (her word...not mine). Cue the corking out! She was in complete panic mode. At one point, she begged me to let her leave and not do it. As bad as I felt, I knew that if we walked out of there without her ears pierced, she would regret it. So, I made her stay. (It hurt my tummy to be such a meanie when she was looking at me with those tears streaming down her face!) In two seconds, they were done. She cried about ten more seconds and was over it. A little while later, she even said, "I am glad you didn't let me leave, Mommy." (Whew! Not such a bad Mommy after all!)

We shopped a little more and the girls got feather extensions in their hair. After that, we headed home and Claire stayed at our house. The girls played, ate pizza and petit fores and watched TV, but only made it until about 9 before passing out from a long hard day of shopping!

Sunday, after church, we met Honey and Daddy Brooks at Marketplace for lunch. Then, it was back to our house for cake and gifts. Grammy met us there.

I would venture to say that this little girl had a very good birthday!

I am so proud of the little lady that you have become. You are the calm in the chaos that is our house. You have such a good heart and are always giggling about something. We talk a lot about being beautiful on the inside and setting a good example for those around you, (especially your crazy sisters!). Emsie, you are beautiful inside and out. At such a young age, you try so hard to be a good example for others. After being a week late, you have NEVER been in a hurry to do anything. Your Daddy, sisters and I love you SO much! Stay true to who you are and keep those lofty goals. There is NOTHING you can't achieve.

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