Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New York - Tuesday & Wednesday

**Note: On my last NY post, I left the "r" out of the word shirt. Sorry if you thought I had been hanging with a bunch of sailors.

Tuesday, we had to get up SOOOOO early. We wanted to get good spots for the Today Show. After a late night Monday night, we were dragging a little. But, we made it!

It was a little cold outside and, in true Boni fashion, I was not dressed for the weather. We waited and waited and waited. I was to the point that I was ready to get out of there! But, then Meredith, Al and Matt came outside. I was super pumped.

And...we made it on TV! WOOO HOOO! (Nicole took this picture of her TV to show me how ridiculous glamorous I looked!)

After my television debut, we headed over to NBC Studios for our tour. They didnt' let us take any pictures during the tour.  (I did sneak this one!)

We saw the studio where Brian Williams does the Nightly News broadcast. It was freezing in there. Behind his desk was the "command center" where people work to follow up and do research on news stories across the nation. Brian Williams gets in the office at 9 am and stays until after his show airs. They said he likes to be there just in case there is a breaking story that warrants interrupting regular TV.

Next up was the set of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It was neat and didn't seat quite as many people as it looks like on TV. Interesting fact: Jimmy Fallon want to recreate the exact set up as Johnny Carson had on his show. So, they did.

After that, we saw the set of SNL. It was AWESOME! I would LOVE to see a live taping, but they do a lottery for tickets. The set seats very few and it was amazing how close together all of the "stages" were to one another. How they get the props, etc, in and out without making too much noise is beyond me.

Amanda Lea and I were chose out of the group to do a mock news broadcast. They put it on DVD for us. (My mom has the copy, so I will post that later next week). After we finished, they let us know that our show would be playing on loop all day in the gift shop and the NBC Cafe. Television Acting Gig #2: Check. (Brian, if you would like me to take over for you during your vacation, feel free to contact my agent.)

The tour was awesome. If you are ever in NY, you need to do it. It is so worth it! Plus, the NBC gift shop was great. I bought Rachel and I Central Perk coffee mugs and Travis a Seinfeld t-shirt. One thing I regret not getting was the Bayside Tigers shirt. (I know all you 'Saved by the Bell' fans are swooning right now!)

When we finished up there, we went to Anthropologie, H&M and a few other stores in Rockefeller Center. Then, it was time to get back on the subway! YAY! Because, we were headed for Chinatown.

I have absolutely ZERO pictures from Chinatown, so you are going to have to use your imagination. We got of the subway and walked up to the street. As we did, we were greeted by several little Asian women murmuring "Gucci, Channel, Prada".

As we walked down the street, the rest of the group went into a little shop. The shops don't really have doors, they are kind of open air. So, I was standing on the street outside when a guy walked up to me and said "Rolex" and shook the pockets of his coat. I heard "chink, chink, chink" from his pockets. That time, I just shook my head and walked into the store.

As we made our way through the streets, we got more and more brave (thanks to Mrs. Brenda, who has done this a million times!). We all decided that we need to find some good purses. A little woman approached us on the street asking if we wanted to see some purses. We said yes.

She said "Follow me". We followed her, stopping for a few scarves and a couple of high end watches (read: Rolex). She led us down and side street and got on her walkie talkie. When we got to the corner of the street, she "handed us off" to another lady.

 As we followed her down the street, I saw a guy open up a news paper stand. The stand should have been full of newspapers,obviously. But, this is Chinatown. It was FULL of bags of Rolex's. He grabbed on bag out, unlocked the bottom of a light pole and stuck it in there. I was dying laughing!

We kept following lady #2 a little longer and walked up to a store with a closed sign out. She looked around, unlocked it and hurried us inside. As we were standing there, someone knocked on the floor. (I could not make this stuff up people!). After a second knock, she moved a table and opened the wall revealing a hallway. We walked down the hall into a back room full of purses. Chanel. Tory Burch. Gucci. Coach. It was all there.

We may or may not have purchased anything. Then, it was back down the hallway, through the wall and out of the front door. The rest of the day continued much like that. It was SO fun! When they sell the knock off merchandise right on the street, you have to look inconspicuous. So, we all came home with several scarves that were purchased while inspecting what we were really looking for.

When we finished our fun in Chinatown, we walked over to Little Italy and ate a late lunch and Angelo's. We sat outside and watched the crowd. The food was AMAZING! People watching was fun because there was a soccer game playing in a bar and people were out in the street watching and cheering.

We rushed back to the hotel to get ready for our night. We went to see Wicked at the Gershwin. I hadn't ever heard any music or anything from Wicked, but everyone I talked to said it was wonderful. I LOVED IT! (Phantom is still my favorite, but this is a close second!)

After Wicked, we went to Stage Deli for a late night dinner. I ordered a BLT and wish I would have taken a picture. There was at least a pound of bacon on the sandwich. it was AMAZING! Every one's sandwiches were HUGE. Of course, dinner was followed up with a big slice of NY cheesecake and we headed back to the hotel.

Wednesday, we shopped (hello 6 story F21) and had lunch before heading back to the airport. I was so ready to get home to my little family.

The trip was everything I imagined it would be. I had the time of my life and cannot wait to go back!

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