Monday, September 12, 2011

"Tailgating" with the Brown's

Saturday, the Razorbacks played in Little Rock. We didn't have any plans to go to the game, but of course, we were going to watch them play on ESPN.

So, Saturday evening, we got decked out in our Razorback gear and headed over to the Brown's for a little "tailgating". The girls were napping when it was time to go, so we had to wake them up. Hannah and Emma were happy to indulge me with a couple of pictures.

Catherine was not. We called this her "game face".

When we got to the Browns, we were greeted with yummy BBQ sandwiches, baked beans and homemade dessert. I brought corn dip, chips and drinks. The kids spent most of the evening outside playing, while we sat and watch the game.

Once it got dark, all the kids came in and went to the playroom. Catherine decided that she liked Shane. She kept grinning at him and trying to sit in his lap. She even gave him a "Hello, Friend". Bree was having NO part in that. She would giggle and at the same time move Catherine away from her daddy. It was hilarious!

By the end of the night, we had full tummies, lots of laughs and ready for bed. It was such a fun night! Thanks, Rachel! (BTW, Travis didn't make any pictures, but he was there cheering on the Hogs with us!)

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Kari Beth said...

y'all don't have cute kids or anything! geez!!!!! cute pics :)