Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Parties Galore

This week has been a week full of Christmas parties!

Monday, Emma had her Christmas party at school. I went to help and enjoy the fun with Emma and her friends. They ate pizza, decorated cookies and made two scarves. One scarf was for them and the other was for the school to deliver to the homeless shelter. (I loved this idea! Travis and I are trying constantly to help our kids understand how fortunate they are and instill the excitement of giving in their sweet little hearts.)

Tuesday, Hannah had her Christmas party. I, again, went to help and listen to all the funny things that a classroom full of 4 year olds has to say. They ate a bunch of goodies and did an ornament exchange.

Wednesday, we met our friends for lunch and did a little gift exchange with them. The girls had so much fun giving the Brown kids their presents and getting the CUTEST water bottle from their friends. I got a fabulous new clutch from Tara, a gorgeous scarf from Kim and the most amazing vintage best friends necklace from Rachel.

Catherine's party was today, but I am off work and kept the girls home with me. I asked her if she was sad to miss her party at school. She, of course, would much rather be home with Mommy. :)

To say we are enjoying every second of the Christmas season would be an understatement. We are having so much fun and relishing every moment with the girls.

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