Friday, December 16, 2011

Wearing Me Out

There is a certain two-year old in our house that is completely wearing me out these days. She is at that stage where she is pushing things to the limit JUST to see how far she can get.

But, in the midst of all this, she is HILARIOUS! It's hard to discipline her because she is so darn funny. Here are a few examples:

Her favorite food is still a "dog dog" (hot dog). She asks for one EVERY night for dinner. When I say no, she says "Aww Man! I neber neber NEBER get dog dog for dinner!".

Hannah got sick the other night and threw up on a stuffed dog. Catherine walked by before I had cleaned it up. She looked at the dog, looked at Hannah and said "Hannah Book! That not nice!"

She still sucks her thumb. I try to tell her not to and that's what babies do. She looks at me and says "I not a baby! I big gurl! I pee-pee in the potty!"

One day at school, she had an accident and pooped a little in her pants. Her teacher was telling me about it when I picked her up. Catherine interrupted her teacher and said "No I not poop in my pants!" I said, "Why are you panties dirty then?" Her response, "Um...Um...Um...EMMA POOP IN MY PANTS!"

Oh Catherine Grace, I love you!

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Connie said...

Too funny! And she is too cute to discipline!