Monday, January 23, 2012

Birthdays and Beads

This weekend was one of those relaxing fun weekends for us. Friday night, we did nothing...I am talking NOTHING!

Saturday morning, Emma had dance camp at Har-Ber. She is performing with the Silver Stars on Friday! I cannot wait!

After that, the girls and I met Kim, Tara, Rachel and her girls for lunch at the Market Place. It's always fun when we get to do lunch/dinner with those girls.

Saturday night, Travis and I had Mandy's birthday party at Crabbys to attend. So, Lisa came and kept the girls.

Before dinner, we went to the Herman's to hang out and, of course, take pictures!

Dinner was a blast and I am not sure I have laughed so hard in long time. I just love our group of friends and how much fun we have together.

Sunday, we went to church and came home for naps. Travis and Emma went to the batting cages. So, I decided the little girls and I would make some bead bracelets. It was a test of my patience, but I think they turned out pretty good! :)

Happy Monday!

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