Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weekend in DeQueen

This weekend, we packed up and headed to DeQueen to visit with Travis's Mimi and do some things around her farm. (Sorry for the lack of pics. I barely got my camera out this weekend.)

When we got there Friday night, Travis and Eric were planning on cutting a huge dead tree down on Saturday with the help on Uncle Troy. Come to find out, they had failed to mention their plan to Troy and he was going to be out of town. After a little discussion, they decided that before he left town, they should cut down the tree. So, at 9pm Friday night, with chain saws reeving, the girls, Kamryn (Eric's girlfriend who we absolutely LOVE!) and I sat in a warm car and watch the debacle go down. Eric with a flash light clipped on his hat. Travis running a chain saw. Troy trying to yell over the saw to tell them what to do next. It was all hilarious.

The funniest part of it all was they had been telling us how dead the tree was and it could fall at any moment. I expected the tree to fall just a couple of minutes after they started cutting. Ten minutes passed. Fifteen. Nothing. Finally about 25-30 minutes into this, the tree came crashing down. We cheered and the boys were so proud. (Why is it that boys enjoy destruction so much!?)

Saturday morning, we got up ate an amazing home cooked breakfast with Mimi and went to work. Travis and Eric cut the tree up and moved it out of the pasture. The rest of us raked leaves and picked up sticks. By lunch, we were done.

The rest of the afternoon, we napped, rode horses, worked on Eric and Travis's dog pens (DON'T ASK!) and visited with family.

Sunday morning, we got up and went to Travis's lease to get the rest of his gear out of the woods. The girls and I enjoyed the little trip. I agree with what Rachel said this week. As wives, we have to remember that our husbands have hobbies too and we need to participate when they invite us.

In all actuality, Travis's deer lease is a beautiful place. The scenery is breath taking. Not to mention we saw 21 deer as we were riding around up there. (The girls kept count.) It was a great ending to fun weekend.

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