Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's just like riding a bike

We love to play outside. How fortunate we have been to be able to play outside well into January this year! The girls FAVORITE thing is riding their bikes and going for a walk around our neighborhood.

All this time we have been doing that, Emma has continued to ride a bike with training wheels (GASP!). The girl had ZERO desire to ride a "big" bike and it was one battle that Travis and I were just not going to fight with her.

For Christmas, Honey and Daddy Brooks got all of the girls new bikes. They went out on a limb and got Emma one with no training wheels. She was so excited about it and actually WILLING to learn to ride.

(Funny story: My dad got Emma and Hannah helmets for their bikes. Mom told him Catherine was going to be mad when she saw she didn't have one. When the girls got their bikes, the first thing Catherine said: "UH!? Where my hat??")

One evening, when we got home from work, the girls were DYING to go for a walk and ride their bikes. So, Travis and Emma set out on a mission to teach Ems to ride without training wheels. At first, it was a little rocky. (Emma has her mother's athletic ability and clumsiness) But, on about the 10th try, Emma got it. She found her balance and took off!

(Sorry for the picture quality. I had my camera on a crazy setting and didn't realize until it was too late)

While they were doing that, Hannah and Catherine were just riding around in the road cheering Emma on. We were all so proud of her and she was OVER THE MOON!

Next task, get Catherine to use her pedals...she just pushes herself with her feet (which makes for a LONG SLOW walk around the neighborhood)